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        Natural History guided walk

Monteverde cloud forest is a worldwide recognized destination for its unique biodiversity. Its topography and location on the continental divide, allow for different life zones and a great diversity of flora and fauna to be found in a relatively small area. Species such as the famous Resplendant Quetzal and the Bell Bird nest in these forests and can be observed at certain times of the year. The natural history and bird watching tour is an entertaining and interesting opportunity to learn about the ecosystem, ecology, conservation and biodiversity of the cloud forest.


What we'll be doing

We usually start the tour early in the morning to enjoy the time of highest bird activity. As these are private walks (which makes this tour a more personalized and unique experience), there is flexibility to choose the meeting time, the duration - usually 3 - and the place we will visit. During the walk I will be sharing  information about the cultural and natural history of Monteverde, its biodiversity, ecological interactions and  interesting facts about the flora and fauna we encounter.



Monteverde has a great variety of reserves and protected areas in different altitudinal ranges and this makes it possible to visit trails in different types of forest that host different species of flora and fauna. Some of the most visited trails are: Monteverde Biological Reserve, Curicancha, Santa Elena Reserve, Valle Escondido, Aguti Wildlife Refuge, Bajo del Tigre, among others.

What is needed?

As part of my guiding equipment I will be using a Swarovski telescope and binoculars. I also bring field guides to identify species and the book "The Birds of Costa Rica"

Ideally, each person should bring their own binoculars and equipment / clothing suitable for walking in the forest: water bottle, repellent, sunscreen, notepad, cap, long pants, closed shoes, poncho or jacket. No previous experience is required, anyone is welcome!

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