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Tai Chi

Qi gong

Qigong practice originates in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which through postures, movement, breathing, self massage and visualizations, we circulate the energy (Qi) within us and surrounding us, to avoid excesses or deficiencies that create an imbalance in the body, mind and energy field.

Qigong helps to clean, tone and balance the channels or meridians through which the energy in our body flows. We are healthy when we are balanced inside, we get sick when there is an excess, lack, stagnation or dispersion of Qi.

These sessions offer a combination of  slow gentle movements, many inspired in nature, that warm the tendons, ligaments and muscles, tonify vital organs and connective tissue, and promote circulation of body fluids.

I love doing Qigong sessions in the forest, where the Qi of trees embrace us and brings balance to our body-mind-Spirit.  


Hatha Yoga is one of the 8 branches of Yoga, a traditional discipline of India, which focuses on a system of body postures to purify and maintain flexibility, strength and balance of our body. Both practices -Yoga and Qigong- provide many benefits to our well being, including: reduction of stress and anxiety, prevention of disease, boost to the immune system, physical and mental discipline, strengthening of the musculoskeletal system, improving the quality of sleep and rest, improving absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins, feeling of peace and restful awareness.

I offer private Yoga sessions in my wellness studio Arboressence.


EcoNidra is a branch of Yoga Nidra, the ancient practice of meditation and relaxation  where the person is guided into a deep state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep.

This technique offers a guided journey through the senses, explores an inner journey through the 61 Marma points of the body in a Rotation of Consciousness (Shavayatra), and an outer journey through the natural soundscapes of the Earth. We also establish a Sankalpa or a seed of intention and Heart-felt wish with a huge transformation potential.

During the session, the person is comfortably laying down (in Shavasana pose), covered with a warm blanket and being guided for about a 50 minutes meditation.

An EcoNidra session is compared to 3-4 hours of deep sleep. Some of the health benefits of this practice include stress and anxiety reduction, improved quality of sleep, attention restoration, lowers blood pressure, activates the parasympathetic nervous system response (rest and digest) and improves mental clarity.

EcoNidra meditation sessions are offered in the cozy and peaceful Arboressence wellness studio. 

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